A man looking stressed

A job in sales can reap many rewards; you get to work in a lively, work hard play hard environment with like minded people. The social life is excellent, the incentives and salary often amazing when you’re flying high… but the downside can bring many challenges. The pressure on meeting targets, the times where you just can’t make that sale or land that deal, the demoralising heavy feeling when everyone around you seems to be flying and you’re not.

From a recruitment perspective, research shows 82% of recruitment consultants suffer from chronic stress at work. As a company, we take the mental health of our consultants seriously. Yes, as a business we do need to make money, which is why we train our consultants to ensure they are equipped with the skills and tools they need, we offer constant support, we meet with each individual and take up any issues or challenges together, working out solutions. At the end of the day, our consultants make our business what it is.

Recruitment isn’t for everyone. Sales isn’t for everyone. It is a tough environment which is why if you are thinking of taking a role in Sales, you need to pick the right company, a company that supports, nurtures and at the end of the day understands the stresses on you.