A man child raised by wolves may be the best way to sum up a trainee recruiter working his way up through the ranks. At least this is how the masses would have you believe recruitment to be – neither man nor wolf walking the fine line between humanity and the jungle.

Here at The Just Group we have our very own ‘Bagheera’ in Tony who will mentor you, preparing you for the hunt. Jamie is ‘Baloo’, ready to teach you the laws of the jungle and finally Alan – ‘KAA’, a wise mentor who is also feared throughout the jungle.

You have your fair share of Shere Khan’s grizzled recruitment veterans, scarred from there numerous battles with candidates and clients alike. They can be aggressive, arrogant, self-centered, and see themselves as the rightful lord of the jungle. It is now time for you to do battle.

At The Just Group, we like to take the bright side of the wolf analogy in recruitment. We are a far cry from Wolf of Wall Street. We do promote a pack atmosphere, but for the family values and with a strict code of conduct in how we operate.  We do not focus on the ferocity and cut throat nature of the recruiters of old, we are The Just Group and we are the new age.

So, if you would like to learn the rules of the jungle, you know the place you need to be!

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