International Women’s Day

Celebrating the Women of The Just Group

As you are aware, it is International Women’s Day and we would like to celebrate the women of The Just Group.

Vick, Marnie, Sophie and Millie are all vital members of The Just Group and without them, it would not be the fun, exciting and supportive environment we have come to love.

Behind every strong Consultant is a stronger Office Manager and without Vicki keeping everything and everyone in line, there would be utter chaos across the floor.

We took time to ask Vick a few questions about working at The Just Group and what she feels is the best way to celebrate women in the workplace, in construction and the UK

Hi Vick, what would you say is your favourite thing about working at The Just Group?

I have never worked anywhere like this before.  It is not only a great laugh and full of completely superb characters, but these people genuinely care about each other and the business. It is a busy environment but I have received support since day one and I feel for the first time, I can really be myself in a work environment and valued.  No idea is off limits, everything you bring to the table is respected and I can honestly say, this job is the first job I have ever had where I love getting up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work.  Not many people can say that about a job, I am lucky.

For women looking to move into the Recruitment industry, what would you say are the benefits?

I can’t speak for other companies, but here you are given full training in an open and friendly environment with the ability to grow.  You are respected and supported every day by an amazing team who celebrate the highs with you and help you through the lows.  Recruitment is hard, I couldn’t be a consultant, I find my job supporting the team manically busy, hilariously funny and I have at least one learning curve a day! No two days are the same and the weeks go so quickly!

Who has been your greatest female inspiration?

I have been surrounded by amazingly strong women, from my amazing mum, to my 3 sisters.  Then in the workplace, I have met women who have become my great friends.  Women who have amazing careers, whether that is in a corporate environment to people managing their own creative businesses.  These women are juggling jobs that aren’t your typical 9-5, and they manage to raise their families, put food on the table, all the while, keeping a good work/life balance. This is something I respect and aspire to.

To celebrate women in our workplace, is there anything we can do for you today?

Make me a cup of tea and get your forms in on time!

With Vick’s diary busier than Weatherspoon’s on a Saturday night, Millie, our Office Assistant takes on a lot more responsibility and different roles in the business to ensure that everything is running correctly. We asked her a few questions about working for The Just Group.

Hi Millie, what’s the best thing about working closely with Vick at The Just Group and what have you taken from her?

She’s a fantastic mentor with great experience and she gives me the support to be successful.

As one of the youngest members of staff at The Just Group, what is the biggest challenge you face on a day to day basis?

Every day, I face new challenges, whether that is learning a new process or learning to manage my time effectively.  I think the pace of the business is fast and at times it is tricky when the phone is ringing and I have many different tasks to complete. I am finding out that I am a great multi-tasker! It just takes writing everything down and planning.

As we know you are busy we won’t keep you, so one more question, apart from Vick, who is your female inspiration?

Well, I think everyone’s inspiration is their mum, but I have a great love for Dolly Parton.  I love her music, but I also the fact that she didn’t try to conform with how people thought she should look.  She didn’t care what the critics said.  She relished the fact that people thought that her blonde hair meant that she was dumb, when ultimately, she is an amazingly clever business woman, with an incredible voice and a big heart.

For the business to be successful, The Just Group looks to employ strong characters with drive and ambition. This is why Marnie and Sophie are two key Consultants within the Just Building Services Division of The Just Group. Taking time out to speak with them can prove difficult as they are always speaking with clients and candidates, making sure that placements are made with no hiccups.

We managed to ask them both a few questions about women in Recruitment, Construction and working for The Just Group.

Hi guys, as you know, it is International Women’s Day and as we have seen over the last few years, more women are moving towards a career in Construction. How do you feel this will benefit and affect the industry long term?

Sophie: I think it will create so much more diversity which is only going to increase different perspectives on how best to complete projects.

Marnie: There will be so much more equality and more and more women will feel at ease stepping out of their comfort zone and the industry will not be known as a male-driven industry.

Working in Recruitment can sometimes be stressful and rewarding at the same time but what advice would you give to any women out there looking at a career in Recruitment?

Marnie: I think that if you work hard, learn your industry from top to bottom then you will be successful and the knowledge you gain will only benefit you going forward.

Sophie: Be confident and the rewards will soon follow.

Great advice guys, finally, who are your female inspirations?

Sophie: Jennifer Lopez, she came from the block and now she has a lot.

Marnie: My mum, she’s given me so much support growing up, she’s a hard working business woman who still makes time for her family.